Where Should I File My Taxes?

Terry Selb
3 min readMar 21, 2023

It might be challenging to know where to turn if you’re feeling anxious about the upcoming tax season. Fortunately, you have solutions that can lessen your suffering.

DIY software might be a smart option if your taxes are basic. But, employing an expert might help if you have complicated tax problems, such as self-employment income or itemized deductions.

Tax preparation software can help you save money and avoid paying high filing costs to a CPA or other expert. The greatest software provides a variety of forms and user-friendly features.

It’s critical to comprehend your tax requirements before making a software decision. You could need to complete a few forms and schedules, or you might need to record company income and costs on a different form than personal income.

The proper software can also assist you in claiming tax credits and refunds you were unaware of. Those with complicated tax situations, such as those who work from home or have many sources of income, may find it very beneficial.

Several top tax preparation software alternatives are free for qualified users and include various help tiers for first-time and seasoned tax filers. However, remember to study the requirements for each free filing choice thoroughly.

A CPA, or certified public accountant, has completed several accounting courses, passed an exam, and is required to maintain continuing education credits to stay current on tax regulations. They are a dependable expert that can assist you in managing your taxes.

A competent CPA may help you save money in the long run by guiding year-round tax planning and tax preparation. Software and online filing services cannot provide that level of expert advice.

CPAs offer various accounting services beyond taxes, including financial planning, consulting, and auditing. They also offer assurance services to assist clients in ensuring that their financial records are correct and compliant with current rules.

Retail tax preparation is your greatest option if you’re seeking a tax preparation service that will accomplish the job without costing a fortune. These businesses provide various services, from straightforward online filing to the comprehensive, high-end tax preparation you might anticipate from an accountant. They are a wise choice for your taxes in any era since they know the most current tax rules and regulations.

The top tax preparation firms offer the ideal blend of expert service and technology. This covers tax-related software, services, and mobile apps that will cover you when you’re on the road. The finest businesses combine excellent customer service with highly skilled, tech-savvy employees. Some have even partnered with nearby merchants to offer clients discounts and other incentives. With purchasing a new tax preparation package, several companies have thrown in a few extras like free coffee or a gift card.

You can get assistance from tax attorneys with a variety of tax-related problems. They either practice as generalists or specialize in particular legal disciplines, such as corporation tax and estate planning.

Enterprises, governments, NGOs, private foundations, trade groups, and individuals handle tax obligations, business transactions, and compliance issues.

For instance, if you owe past taxes, a tax attorney can bargain with the IRS for a settlement offer, get penalties waived, arrange payments, or shield your assets from collection efforts.

In addition, a tax lawyer may assist you with more complicated tax issues, including wage garnishments, tax liens, and levies. They may comprehensively investigate your case and advise you on the best line of action to take.

Depending on your circumstances, you can work with a tax lawyer from an accounting business or a legal firm. While accounting firms often provide tax advice but do not prosecute, law firms frequently handle tax issues and can defend you in court.



Terry Selb

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